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email: [email protected]   |   tel: 01235 766907

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At 6 months old, Molly (Labrador – Bullmastiff cross) was diagnosed with double hip and single elbow dysplasia. I was devastated by this diagnosis not least because I thought she was condemned to a life of discomfort with no opportunity to be the fun-loving, active and boisterous dog she clearly was.


Following veterinary recommendation Molly started swimming at Emma’s Vale Hydrotherapy. Although she looked fine to me, Emma immediately noticed how under-developed Molly ‘back end’ muscles were and out our only regret is that we didn’t take any ‘before’ photos, as Molly has since been transformed into a striking, athletic young dog with perfect muscle development. Her ‘back end’ is well rounded, helping to support her hips and enabling her to lead a fully active and pain-free life. She moves with an ease and suppleness I would never have guessed was possible for a dog with her condition.


Molly’s introduction to the pool is imbedded in my memory as Emma holding a lead that lead to a plume of water in the centre of the pool; Molly technique obviously needed much improvement and I’m ashamed to say I cried with laughter during her first session! From then on though Molly took to it like the proverbial duck to water and swimming is the highlight of her week – endlessly chasing the ‘Wubbas’ round the pool.