Vale Hydrotherapy

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Vale Hydrotherapy Ltd

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email: [email protected]   |   tel: 01235 766907

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9am - 7pm

9am - 7pm

9am - 7pm

9am - 4pm

9am - 4pm

Hydrotherapy Treatment programmes include:


  • Rehabiliation after injury or surgery

  • Obesity management and control

  • Fitness and stamina programme

  • Seniors programme to help ease stiff, weak and arthritic joints

  • Recreational swimming

In many cases your vet may suggest hydrotherapy for your dog's condition and refer them along to us. As the health and safety of all dogs is paramount, owners must seek their vets approval  before commencing long term hydrotherapy treatment, to ensure the dog does not have any underlying problems that may make hydrotherapy unsuitable and to give the vet an opportunity to bring any other medical problems to the therapist's attention.


All treatment programmes will be carefully designed to aid the dogs recovery. The dog can swim in a variety of controlled  ways, free swimming in still water or with more resistance introduced through powerful, controllable water jets. Alternatively treatment in the underwater treadmill may be more appropriate.


Most dogs will enter the pool via an external ramp. Where necessary the dog can be lifted into the pool  using a hoist and then encouraged to free swim naturally in the pool. All dogs will wear buoyancy aids for safety and swim alone. Dogs will be showered and dried before going home.


Referring vets are given regular feedback on the dogs progression. Owners are welcome to get involved and they will enjoy watching their dog swim in a pleasant and warm environment.