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email: [email protected]   |   tel: 01235 766907

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Beneficial for the following conditions:

Swimming is an excellent non-weight bearing exercise that avoids the stresses and strains of exercising on hard ground. It allows the joints to move in a normal fashion, loosens tightness in the muscles, and reduces pain.


For dogs following surgery hydrotherapy removes the weight loading on the injured limb and will enable the gradual rebuilding of wasted muscle. It reduces the pain and will accelerate recovery after surgery.


Any dog that is suffering from the conditions listed below will benefit from a  controlled swimming activity. It will help to  strengthen muscles without risking further injury.


Hydrotherapy is also very useful for dogs scheduled to have orthopaedic surgery such as cruciate ligament repair. In such cases it helps to improve muscle tone in the limbs which will speed up the post-operative recovery.


Even ageing dogs can benefit from  controlled swimming as the soothing effect of the warm water improves circulation and encourages increased mobility in sore, stiff and arthritic joints.


Swimming is also great exercise for healthy dogs to improve their cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and general well-being.



Hip and elbow dysplasia, spinal injuries and paralysis, osteochondritis dissecans  (OCD), cruciate ligament problems, post operative muscle regeneration and maintenance, sprains and breaks, relief of  pain, swelling, arthritis, stiffness, obesity, weight management, improvement of  circulation and joint mobility, general fitness and for when normal exercise is restricted.

Why hydrotherapy?